Stay fit, Stay Young

“Fitness is a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work.” Perhaps, the above quotation is infelicitous for 97 per cent of the Americans. Due to exorbitant consumption of the Ultra-processed food by the Americans, the body mass index of an average American man is higher than normal leading to obesity in most instances. Obesity continued predominance in the people of United States. Obesity exacerbates various cardiovascular diseases and increases the like hood of osteoarthritis and diabetes. A large number of people are into the habit of heavy drinking and smoking. In order to live a healthy lifestyle people have to curb smoking and alcohol consumption. Proper nutrition, regular exercise and meditation will make the body fit. Exercise improves circulation and helps to combat depression.

Recently fitness and lifestyle companies in United States have concentrated their proposition towards Yoga and Nutrition in order to narrow down the rate of obesity in the country.

1. Yoga – Yoga has become the latest extol in the fitness industry. People of all age groups can vehemently practice yoga to conduct a healthy lifestyle. Yoga emanated from India to various parts of the world. At the present time, yoga has become the rave for many zealous Americans. Yoga possesses abundant health benefits in the forms of umpteen asanas. The multifarious poses not only proffer a propitious physique to the body but also vouchsafe radiance in the face. Yoga succor the body to de-stress and enunciate calmness in the mind. Yoga rejuvenates the soma from inside. The numerous asanas which tones the muscles of the body are Virabhadrasana(Warrior pose), Trikonasana, Adho mukha savasana and other various posters. Suryanamaskara, also referred to as Sun salutation is a concatenation of 12 powerful yoga postures impacting both body and mind. This cardiovascular workout detoxifies and stimulates the organs of the human body. Bridge pose invigorates the abdominal organs for better digestion. Gobs of people from United States have revealed their enthusiasm in recent years.

2. Nutrition – Scores of Americans depend on fast food for their daily meals. Their diet exceeds the recommended level of saturated fat and added sugars. A healthy diet is essential for a robust lifestyle. The body acquires vital nutrition to improve overall health. A healthy diet lowers down the risk of obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Intake of Vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grain food items are necessary for a healthy diet. Nutritionists recommend maintaining a healthy weight by eating approximately same amount of calories that is used up by the body. Limiting the assimilation of fats can curb the rate of excessively increasing body fat.

Many fitness and lifestyle firms in United States organize health related seminars to upskill the people of the country about the effects of good and healthy lifestyle. In recent times, with the advancement in technology many gadgets have been devised to uninterruptedly track the day-to-day calorie burns. Gyms with numerous advance equipment facilities conduct workshops to enlighten people about the benefits of a fit and healthy physique. Consequently, people should take the initiative to lead a healthy lifestyle by inculcating healthy habits.
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