Is it safe to purchase budget car tyres?

When it comes to buying tires, premium and budget quality tires are available in the market to suit all car and budget needs.  Among them, premium quality pieces are expensive and built with top grade ingredients and raw material, in contrast to them budget variety cost less as they use materials that are not meant to last a long time or offer any warranties.

Tyres play a crucial role in road safety and keep your car running smooth, which is why it is necessary to choose them sensibly to ensure a safe drive in the long run. Considering the passenger safety while driving a vehicle, premium tire brands are made to perform well on all types of surfaces, from race tracks and bumpy roads to gravel. They promise the best performance in the long run. Budget tyres may be more affordable but they differ significantly in quality and capable to meet minimum requirements.

Is it a wise decision to spend money on budget brands?

When we talk about car tyre prices and value, premium tires seems costly as compared to budget varieties available in the market. Both of them look round black spheres made up of rubber; in fact, they are not same, they differ regarding the quality of material used in the manufacturing and tread pattern on them. The class eventually decides the performance.

Big brands produce premium quality tyres after employing the best techniques and design trends to develop treads that can channel water away and improve surface contact with the road. Premium brands are manufactured using the best safety and performance standards, which enable them to perform well even in severe weather conditions and reduce the risk of accidents. Safety and high performance make them little expensive.

Though budget tire varieties are also tending to meet the required safety standards, you may need to replace them sooner than later due to the quality of raw materials and manufacturing process. However, it's much better than driving with an old and damaged piece of rubber.

Budget vs Premium Tyres

Performance and braking distance of premium and budget tires were tested on the wet road to explain the difference between two. The results were shockingly different. The budget tyres tool 14 meters to stop a vehicle at the speed of 70mph. This shows that less expensive varieties can drastically decrease the vehicle performance and safety on roads. What would you choose? If you are driving on the motorway, a car fitted with low-cost tread and traffic is suddenly stopped. Do you think you can stop quickly? The choice is yours. 

Don’t forget this aspect before making price-based decisions as it put a long-term impact on your automobile. However, when the same test was conducted on dry roads, the breaking difference was not as much and showed improved results. This difference is mainly due to the material and manufacturing standards followed in making of these tire pieces.

Budget tyres are only suitable for low mileage vehicles and slow drivers. If you don’t drive often, purchasing budget tyres might be a better option.

Budget tyres are more suitable for the slow driver on the main road or for cars that only do low mileage. If you don’t use your car very often, purchasing budget tyres might be a better option. It is highly recommended to conduct a survey to choose which brand is offering the most suitable treads for your car.

Conclusion: Falken Car tyre prices are not the single factor to consider to buy a suitable pair of tires. Instead, you should keep all these elements in mind when looking to change them.
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