Easy Tips to Help You Reduce Your Monthly Shopping Expenses

You don’t have to be an economist to know that it is not only getting harder and harder to earn a dollar but it’s also becoming increasingly difficult to make that dollar last as long as you need it to.

If you can identify with this sentiment then below are some tips which can help you to stretch your dollar further during your regular shopping trips.

Bulk Up!

Well, not literally! But definitely buy your cleaning and non-perishable items in bulk.

The trick to buying in bulk is to plan ahead. Too many homeowners simply walk into a warehouse store and become so overwhelmed at the options that they walk out with a large number of items they don’t and will never need.

To prevent this, take a tour of your home and make a note of the items you use every day or every week, such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and even temporary furnishings or decorations. Once you have this list, do your best to calculate how often you expect to use each one over the next three to six months and look for savings which can accommodate your needs.

While it may mean a pantry or a closet filled with cleaning supplies for a short period of time, the money it saves you will be well worth any trouble cause.

Use Coupons

If you remember coupons as being pieces of paper you had to painstakingly cut out from a newspaper then you are in for a treat.

Taking advantage of a costco coupon book from Groupon Coupons is as easy as visiting a link and can reward you with a range of savings and offers. These offers can range from products like cleaning supplies and food, right through to services such as home maintenance and even products you need for your home.

The bottom line is - if you need to buy something, check for a coupon first!


Just because you got the best deal on your electricity rates or your insurance premium a few years back doesn’t mean that the rate is still beneficial. In fact, if it’s been a number of years then there is a good chance that you are paying significantly more than your neighbor.

The best way to minimize these types of expenses is to speak with each of your providers and renegotiate your contract.

For example, if your contract with your electricity provider has lapsed, talk to them about a new rate and the option up to a longer contract to gain a better rate. Once you have their replies, be sure to speak with their competitors about what they can offer you to help reduce our costs even further.

Keep Your Entertainment Free

Not only is it difficult enough to keep your family entertained but it can also be an expensive activity.

Instead of spending money at the cinema, speak with your local tourism board about any activities happening around your area. Often times there will be a range of fun activities for you and your family to take advantage of right in your own city or in a city close to yours.

While there may not be much that you can do about the global economy there is much you can do to manage your home economy, like the tips above.
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