8 Steps to Fix the Tyre Leaking At the Rim

With the world getting tech-savvy day by day, innovation and advancements are making their way into almost every other field. Similarly, the automobile and tyre manufacture industry is no exception. Earlier, we used to have the car tyres with tubes in them that we have now as well. But since the latest innovations don't stop fascinating and inspiring the industry geeks, people have started going for the tubeless tyres are well. You know why the tubeless tyres are so good to go for? Because the tubeless tyres last longer and hold air better than the old fashioned tyres having an inner separate tubes.

Unlike the traditional tyres, the tubeless tyres hold up incredibly well with an exception of running over an object or simply jumping the curb at the mall. Even though the tubeless tyres are far way better than the traditional car tyre online, but still there are a few glitches that need to be sorted out. Especially when the tyre develops a leak between wheel and rim. In that case, you are supposed to first reseat the beat and then reseal the tyre. Let's dig in to it and do this step by step;

Step # 1

First of all, you need to remove the tyre from your car in order to fix it. Next, you will have to lay it on a flat surface. Make sure the surface is hard along with the valve system sticking up.

Step # 2

In the next step, you are supposed to fill the tyre with air and spray some soapy water all around the outer edge of your rim especially where the tyre meets it. Now just notice where the bubble is generating from. If you find the spot, that's exactly where the air is leaking from. Maybe you won't be able to spot the bubble at once simply by spraying the soapy water on one side only. If one tyre doesn't show up any signs of air leakage, just do the same thing on the other side. Just perform the soapy water leak test appropriately and you will find the air leakage point.

Step # 3

Since you have finally found the leaking area, now it time for you to mark it. Please don't use any color marker or permanent marker, it will get difficult for you to identify the spot. Simply use the chalk. It work way better and make things easier to identify the spot.

Step # 4

Now you will be releasing air from the tyre. Do it by simply pressing the valve stem inward, quite obvious. It would be great if you have the valve stem removal tools available as it would be easier for you to remove all the air immediately by unscrewing it from the stem valve.

Step # 5

You will now have to turn the car tire so that the leaking side of the rim as well as the tyre faces up.

Step # 6

In this step, the 2 by 4 wooden board would be of great use. Place one end of that wooden board on the rubber part of that tyre. Make sure that rubber part is right next to the steel rim's edge. Hold the board straight and hit the hammer onto it in order to break the tyre's bead and loose it from the rim. When the seal breaks, the tyre will then easily release from the rim's edge.

Step # 7

We're closer to the end. Simply press the tyre downwards so that it's away from the rim. Here comes the warm soapy water to do the trick for you. Just clean the inside edge of the rim with a shop rag and warm soapy water. Use the clean side of the same rag to dry the area properly. Don't forget to wipe the inner edge of the tyre to clean any further dirt or debris.

Step # 8

Viola! You are done. Simply place the needle back, fill it with air and check it once with the pressure gauge.

Quick Tip: Whenever you buy the tubeless car tyre online, make sure to check valve system is working well and rim is not rusted.


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