5 things to consider before LASIK treatment

The more we’re exposed to computers and digital technology, the more we are required to wear glasses and contact lenses. While many people wish to swim, play sports or perform various activities without wearing contacts or glasses, LASIK is here to make it happen!

As technology continues to advance, the procedure is increasingly becoming safer and more affordable. More and more people are opting for the treatment however, results don’t appear overnight and not everyone’s a suitable candidate. Here’re a few considerations before undergoing the surgical procedure:

1. What’s your age?

This is a question that you must answer before you plan to undergo LASIK. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends the age of 18 and above whereas many ophthalmologists prefer 25 years old as an appropriate age for LASIK.

2. Do you wear contact lenses?

Indeed, eye surgery has come a long way but it still has its risks. If you’ve been wearing glasses for a long time, try contact lenses before the treatment! Lenses today are fabricated from soft material that’s much comfortable and you won’t even feel them.

But, they do bring along some considerations such as removing them before going to bed, store in a saline solution and timely replacement. Consult an ophthalmologist before wearing contacts as well as undertaking laser surgery.

3. Are you bugged by your glasses or contacts?

The annoyance of carrying and wearing contacts or glasses as well as fashion consciousness can be the biggest factors of LASIK. Of course, it can be buggy, however, contact lenses need frequent cleaning to avoid calcium deposits harmful for the eye. It’s possible that taking extra care of your eyes might correct the vision without any laser surgery.

4. Who’ll perform the procedure?

So you’ve finally decided to get done with LASIK in Dubai, great! Although eye surgery facilities throughout the UAE are excellent featuring ultramodern technology, extra care must be taken when choosing a practitioner. You may ask for referrals from immediate family members, neighbours, friends and colleagues who already had their laser surgeries performed. Internet research is a good option but read people’s reviews and do enough research.

5. What’s the expected recovery time?

Recovery time after the surgery varies from a patient to another but some claimed inability to drive within the first few days whereas going back to work immediately after LASIK is unthinkable. However, let it not discourage you from getting the surgery as it’s all about better vision.


Answer the above queries and you can self-determine if you’re fit for LASIK or try something else such as wearing contacts or glasses.
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