Getting started with copywriting

Whether you are a small business owner or an established business owner, at the top of your priorities is business growth. To do this you need to constantly sell your products or services to customers through persuasion and letting them know why they need your products. A well-designed video advert, or infographic may not sale as expected due to the textual content that accompanies it. This is where copywriting comes in to place.

What is copywriting?

So, What is copywriting? Copywriting is the act of writing valuable material to be used for advertising purposes and is done in such a way to engage, entice the customer and give them reasons to keep coming back. Whether it's a Facebook ad, a video ad, a pamphlet, a blog, a website or an email, it would be too expensive to advertise and have zero customer conversions from your ad. Unfortunately, this happens quite often. The reason being most business owners do not understand the difference between writing just any content and writing persuasive content that gives your customers zero reasons not to try your product.

Why does a business need to invest in copywriting?

Businesses need to invest in copywriting for these reasons:

1. Communication

Effective copywriting keeps your customers satisfied as it improves communication between you and them. A great copy communicates a promise to your customers and therefore as they engage you they already know what to expect from you. It is not just about writing, but writing that will engage you customer and get them excited about your product.

2. Copywriting means everything for your business

With the increased online content marketing, what you write can make or break your reputation. It's not uncommon on social media to get your brand trashed due to a small spelling mistake. Even with great business plans and a wonderful vision of how your products will benefit your customers, poor writing can bring all this down in a minute.

3. Showing your customers that you care

As it's often said, impressions matter. This nowhere truer than in content marketing where a misspelt word or a tense wrongly used, could quickly imply laziness and irresponsibility. This definitely harms your brand as your target audience will definitely cast doubt on the ability and quality of your customer service.

In all ways, effective copywriting is a great boost to your brand image

What makes effective copywriting?

Whether you are looking into becoming a successful copywriter or you are a business owner who wants to leverage on copywriting, it is important to understand what will make your copy have a great impact on your audience. Here are 3 top ways to do so.

1. Know your target audience

It is important to research and understand your target audience so as to understand what information is relevant to them. This also guides you to know if it's an ad, where is the best place to have it, when is the best time to run it and so on. Researching also prevents you from investing into an ad and reaping nothing from it by ensuring your message is appropriate to the age, gender, interests and social status you are targeting.

2. Know your unique value proposition

With increased business competition, there as so many adverts on the same product or service. You therefore need to understand what the unique benefits your product will offer to your customer are. What is it about this product that's so exceptional? You need to bring out clearly what distinguishes your product from your competitors' and make it appear as the best available option for your customer.

3. Tap in to your customers' needs

No matter how great the promise about the product is, the customer's question will always be what is in for them. Your specific message to the customer therefore needs to be very clear. The customer needs to see clearly how this product will be of help to them either by making life easier, helping save money and time, helping them feel better etc. Let there be no doubt in the customer's mind on what they will get from your service or product.

4. Your copy should contain a call to action

The major objective of effective copywriting is to prompt a certain response from the target audience. This could be a call to click a button and watch a video, a call to contact the seller or may be a call to click and buy the product. Whatever you require the client to do, make it easy for them. Since you have already made them aware about your product, what next? You need them to buy it. And what a better time to buy than as soon as they are done with reading your copy. Therefore your call to action needs to create a sense of urgency so as to trigger the sale soonest possible.

With this information, I hope you can now leverage on copywriting and improve your sales conversion rates.
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