The two ricks to get a lot of subscribers on YouTube

You enter YouTube. You watch the channel of your favorite youtuber. You see the thousands of subscribers you have, and the hundreds of comments that leave you just a few minutes after uploading your last video.

It must be wonderful to feel that so many people who do not even know you are there waiting anxiously to see what new things you have to tell them, right?

Determined: you are also going to be a Youtuber! But how to get more subscribers on YouTube?

You open your channel, you start uploading your videos with all the illusion of the world, but soon you realize that getting YouTube subscribers to follow you is more difficult than you thought.

Yes, some people follow you, and from time to time someone leaves you a comment. But this is not what you expected.

You thought that in a few days the thing would be animated, and that every day you would get hundreds of new subscribers more until you get to have a good fan base.

The worst of all is that perhaps now you are wondering what you have done wrong, and think about quitting because this has no remedy.

Quiet! As my mother says, everything in this life has a solution, and what happened to you is exactly the same as any youtuber that today has millions of followers.

Do not think that they got their success overnight: they also started on YouTube just like you, uploading videos that at first almost nobody saw.

And here I will show you the 13 strategies that these popular youtubers used to get thousands of subscribers in their channels, and with which you will also make your channel grow to the top.

Two important strategies to get subscribers on YouTube

1. Upload useful and quality content to your channel

Surely you're thinking that this advice is pretty silly; but you'd be surprised how many videos are uploaded to YouTube every day with poor quality or useless content.

Nobody is interested to know which stores you are going to buy, or what you do in your day to day if your channel is new on this platform. That only has interest when you have already created a proper name on YouTube, not before.

In the first stage of your channel you must upload videos that have quality and can help the people who see them.

Talk to them about topics about which you really have valuable knowledge for them, teach them to do something useful or that really interests them.

The contents that most engage and attract visitors are always those that entertain, or that are informative.

So if you are going to record a video in your dark room counting your sorrows or saying something that nobody is interested in, better save it and do not upload it to YouTube.

2. Choose your titles and descriptions with care

If you start looking for a video on YouTube, which one are you most likely to see: the one with an attractive title that arouses your curiosity, or the one with a normal title who does not tell you anything?

Your answer will undoubtedly be the first, and for that same reason it is important that you think carefully about the titles you will put on your videos. Make them clear and direct, specifying as much as possible about what your videos will be about.
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