Donate Bone Marrow: Save A Life

Bone Marrow is a soft, spongy tissue present in some large bones of the body such as hip and thigh bones. Bone Marrow contains stem cells which are immature cells that divide and develop into various cells. These stem cells are responsible for developments of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, as well as fat and bones of a human body. The rate of production of cells is around 200 million from a healthy bone marrow, which may reduce due to some deficiency or disease. The reduction in rate of production of blood cells can be cured though medicines.

In some cases when a person suffers from prolonged diseases such as cancer, anemia, or goes through severe treatments like chemotherapy the bone marrow gets seriously damaged. In this conditions blood transfusion takes place so as to maintain the minimum blood cell requirement in a body. When the damage is so severe that blood transfusion is no more enough the need for bone marrow transplant comes in.

Bone Marrow transplants are risky treatment process which involves huge cost. Risky as there are various diseases that may catch a body after or due to transplant. Highly costly because price of bone marrow transplant in India is around Rs. 20 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh. The basic treatments starts from Rs 7.5 lakh but even then the overall expense reaches near Rs. 20 lakhs.

What Is Bone Marrow Transplant
It is a process in which a damaged bone marrow is replaced. Healthy stem cells are entered into the patient’s body where they can produce new cells and develop new blood cells. These stem cells that are needed for transplants are pluripotent i.e. they can reproduce another identical cells and they can also generate subsets of mature cells.

Prerequisites Of BMT
  • Find a donor with matching bone marrow. These stem cells can be from a donor or from the patient itself.
  • When a donor is involved in transplant it is known as allogeneic and when the patient uses its own stem cells for transplant it is known autologous.
  • The donor can be the sibling of patient or it could be from any umbilical cord from the blood bank.
  • Donor can be accepted in either of the condition only if the HLA (human leukocyte antigen) matches. Otherwise future risks of graft failure or graft versus host disease can occur.

Need For Bone Marrow Donation

Only 30% cases are lucky to have their siblings or other family member with matching HLA. For others the search for blood banks with umbilical cord with matching HLA starts. And if not found life is lost. Thus it becomes important to understand the need to donate umbilical cords’ stem cells so as to save lives of both own family and also of others. The bone marrow donation is a simple 5 day process but due to unawareness and wrong concepts people do not come forward for donation of stem cells, unaware of the fact that this could save several lives.

Government and medical institutes are coming up as they have realized the increasing number of bone transplant needs to provide information and awareness and also to provide low cost bone marrow transplant in India. Various  organization are now cutting the cost of transplants up to 50% while state is providing help for such cases to families to afford the treatment. But the major reduction is possible only if the availability of resources increase of both the facilities as well as stem cells.
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