A Prerogative of the HR leaders: Overarching Human Resources Management

Human resources management is the world full of confusion. Even the team is under critical scrutiny by the HR leaders of the world. In 1893, the word was used for the first time by economist John R. Commons in the book ‘The Distribution of Wealth.’ It gains momentum as the people management filed when in the middle of the twentieth century, there were misunderstandings in the usage of the words employees and the employers.

Some critics of the word say that labor and human effort is not a commodity and commoditization of the human beings as resources is a failure of the human rights. Further adding to the points is the analysis that human beings are creative and social beings in an enterprise. Human resource development- a category of the human resource administration takes care of the creative and continuous development of the employees.

Under human resource development, the skill sets and the affinity of the employees to a certain kind of projects and goals are observed under the performance management arm of the human resources management. These affinities are strengthened with necessary reinforcements such as certifications, training, leadership development programs, and microlearning classes.

All of these activities call into another branch of the human resources management which is human resource planning. To continuously observe the performance of the employees and give them feedback and reviews will give a foresight on the kinds of future leadership roles that the employees can be developed for. Next phase involves providing them with superior work to develop their talent along with the training.

The human resource planning and human resource development are a two-way street where both the employees and the employers have the benefits. The employers can leverage the new and acquired skill sets of the workforce. This also solves the quicksand issue of the employee retention and employee engagement as the employees feel gratitude and trust towards their companies. The employees, in turn, have the new additions to their portfolio for future-proofing their careers.

The modern HR leaders are making are busy building a workforce environment conducive to effective human resources management by understanding the nuances of the present demands. Industries are slowly moving from manual to managerial professions. That means the market needs highly skilled staff. While for some professions there are more number of employees available than the number of jobs, there are times when the case is the exact opposite of it. Both of the circumstances lead to the difficulty in human resource planning.

When it is about the former, you have to be vigilant enough to hire the best-in-class employees as there is abundant talent available. When it is about the latter, the companies have to enter a tough competition game where community investment and financial awards are the necessary tools. This era is also seeing the multi-generations coming together to work under the same roof which gives rise to further problems as different age groups have different characteristics and catering to everyone around is a bit tedious. 
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