8 Interesting About Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are the twin islands that are situated between The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. They mainly consist of numerous small islands. Archaic age hunter-gatherer Amerindians, referred to as Siboney or Ciboney, were the very first inhabitants of these twin islands. Monarchy happens to be a quite manipulative political framework of Antigua and Barbuda. Though it consists of parliamentary, federal, representative democratic monarchy but the Monarch is the head of State who appoints the Governor General.

Locals of these twin island having Antigua and Barbuda passport are very much conscious about the economic growth. Perhaps that's the reason as to why the economic growth of Antigua and Barbuda is driven by the banking, insurance, communication, construction, wholesale & retail trade sectors. Read on to discover some amazing facts about the Antigua & Barbuda;
  1. Vere Cornwall Bird became the first Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda. He was a famous leader who initiated the labor movement in the 1940s. His true intentions and patriotic approach for his nation got him recognized all around.
  2. There are few words of English language that are actually derived from the Taino Language mainly spoken by the people in the Caribbean. The words ‘hurricane’, ‘barbecue’, ‘tobacco’, ‘hammock’, and ‘canoe’ all are derived from the Taino language.
  3. Though it's known to have a very small number of population but still Antigua has given some of the best cricketers to this world. The legends like Rechie Richardson, Curtly Ambrose, Andy Roberts and Sir Vivian Richards are the most popular cricketers who originated from Antigua.
  4. In case you are willing to get a tan, it's important for you to carry enough mosquito repellent and sunscreen as well. People do get a sunburn on the Antigua and Barbuda beaches. The mosquito repellent would help you from the tiny sand flies.
  5. If you are on the beach, you should be careful of the sea urchins that are tiny black. They usually tend to hide in the sea grass. Such creatures have a very prickly spine that can enter your skin as well.
  6. While serving the Spain, Christopher Columbus visited the island first in 1493.
  7. People from Spain, England, and France contributed in forming early European Colonies.
  8. The highest point of the Antigua and Barbuda is known as Boggy Peak, Which is over 402 Meter High.

The locals, having Antigua and Barbuda passport, use the local currency in order to buy and sell. The currency of that Antigua and Barbuda is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. Mainly, it's a regional currency that is shared among members of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.

If you are wondering that if visit this place or not, then you must do. In fact, these twin islands are so admired in this world that people are also eagerly willing to get the Antigua and Barbuda passport so that they can be a permanent citizen of this nation.

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