Home Décor Tips for your Villa

Bangalore is the most important real estate hub in India and its preference as a place to settle, among people who come to work here is growing day by day. With this increasing demand real estate industry has also flourished in the city in the last decade to an extent were developers are coming up with projects that anyone will dream about. Any buyer names it and the Bangalore real estate industry has to offer exactly what the buyer has demanded for.
The city is now spreading and nowadays people are searching for plots near Devanahalli mainly because these areas even though are a little away from the main city are very much feasible when considered to buying a home. Residential plots near international airport Bangalore is also being demanded by many buyers. If these plots are in residential areas then the buyers need not think twice.
Living in an apartment or villa leaves very little option for the owner to make changes in the outer appearance of the building. However, a lot can be done in terms of home decor that can completely transform one’s villa into a unique one and will definitely make it stand out in the crowd.
Below are some home decor tips for a villa:
An appealing entryway
First impression is the best impression” and the best way to build an impression about one’s house and the people living there. There are many impressive yet inexpensive ways to achieve the same, which will not be heavy on the owner’s pocket and also give an impression that the home is well kept. An iron front door coupled with a customised ceiling and a lavish chandelier is enough to grab the eyeballs and explain the owner’s love for vintage. A customised chest that encloses a shoe rack, in addition to providing a visual treat will also prove to be a utility space. A vase with some fresh flowers will definitely pool in positive energy.
Try something different from usual painting
Selecting a theme for the house and painting it accordingly is a usual technique. Trying out something different will elevate the entire look of the house to a next level. Attractive and classic wallpapers that suit the interior theme will not only provide a grand look to the entire house but also cut the monotony of painting the walls.
Furniture should be minimal yet create a statement
Furniture in a home completely depends on the theme and style of the house. However, whatever the theme may be it is always recommendable to keep it minimal. The type of furniture should always depend on the space available. Cluttering too much in a small space makes things look ugly. Move the seating away from the wall. This will give an intimate and cozy touch to the house. Reupholstering the sofas with old curtains will definitely give a unique output.
Expensive is not mandatory
Creating a unique decor is very important and the responsibility of the owner if he/she wants to make the house stand out. However, this always need not be expensive. A little effort and creative thinking can transform the old and unused things into statement pieces that will be unique and people would not get it in a shop as it has your signature to it. Painting an old piece of furniture white will give it a grand and classy look. Matching cutlery will complete the look. Covering a wall with old plates can take the decor of the room to a next level in a cheapest manner possible.
Mix and Match
Nowadays, unmatch is the best match. The accessories and cutlery used need not match the furniture or the interior but create an offbeat rhythm. On piece of a super modern coffee table in an otherwise traditional living room can switch the room’s vibe into an extraordinary one. Allowing the bath tub to take the centre of the bathroom will also break the monotony of usual bathroom looks.
Everyone has his/her own tastes and the kind of atmosphere where they are comfortable in. They just need to use a bit of creativity and make the house look accordingly.
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