Essence of history in Qutub Minar

Delhi is the capital of India. It is a city where heritage breathes. This is a place where many rulers have ruled the entire India from and so this place has a lot of historical monuments. They have built some fantastic monuments here which do have a huge historical importance.

If you are in Delhi, you cannot just ignore visiting Qutub Minar. It is a must in the Delhi travel guide.  This is a monument which has a height of 73 meters and was built in the year 1193. This was built by the Mughal ruler Qutub- ud- din Aibak, when the last king of the Hindu Empire was defeated and a new rule began in Delhi Sultanate. This soaring tower has five storeys and each one of them has a balcony which has a diameter of 15 meters on the first floor and gradually reduces to a diameter of 2.5 meters on the fifth floor or the top floor. The first three storeys of the monument are made from red sand stones and the last two floors are made from both sand stomas and marbles. One can also find at the premise of this monument, the first ever built mosque of India which is named as Quwwat- ul- Islam mosque.

If you read the inscription written on the gate from where you enter the mosque you will find that, this mosque was made with all the building material which were found after destroying 27 Hindu temples in India. There is also a high iron pillar present at the premises of the mosque. It is believed that, if one can encircle this iron pillar with their hands while standing with the back to the pillar and make a wish; their wish will always get fulfilled.

There have been many stories that revolve around regarding why this monument was built. The most popular one among them is, the Muslims wanted to build something which will signify their victory. This tower was built to show that the Hindu rule has been demolished and the new rule of Muslim era has begun. Others say that this was built to offer a faithful prayer to Allah.

No matter what the actual reason behind the building of this tower is; it is indeed one of the finest historical creations in India. Not only in India; is its magical creation famous in the entire world. As the name of the monument suggests, it was built by and with the name of the first Muslim ruler of India whose name was Qutub- ud –din Aibak. Though he started building this monument he was able to finish only the base of the monument before he died. The next king Iltutmish then constructed the first three storeys of the monument in the year 1368. Finally, the last or the fifth storey was completed by Firoz Shah Tughlaq.

As the monument was built by three successive rulers, the pattern and the design changed with each king. In fact, the materials that were used to build this monument also differed from one ruler to another. The mosque present at the premise of the monument was built by Qutub- ud –din Aibak in the year 1197.

People visit this place when they are in Delhi. One can get to know the Qutub Minar timings when they log into the website.
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