Top Healthy Smoothies for Improving Your Sleep

It is extremely important for people to have a good night sleep for it is a wonderful tool that helps people to recharge energy and regenerate the skin cells. However, there are not so many people that are lucky enough to fall asleep as soon as they head to bed. The reasons might vary such as stress from work, from life, un-hygiene bedding and unhealthy lifestyle.

In order to fix this problem, as it is suggested, you can try to fix the roots of it by leading healthier lifestyle, eating healthily and dealing with work effectively so that you have nothing to worry about.

Why do people need to sleep well and how much sleep is enough?
Normally, we tend to think that we sleep so that our body has chance to rest for the reasons that most parts of our body are shut down. However, this is not the case when sleeping is the process where there are a lot of important processing, restorations happens to strengthen overall health. In fact, sleep can help us foster our memories, regenerate skin cells and is the period when digestive system perform most actions.

On average, one person need 7-8 hours of sleep a day to remain awake and can nail daily performance. Due to this reason, most people think that the more we sleep, the more health benefits we can get. If you do think so, it is the time that you need to think again because too much or too little amount of sleep might cause some side effects. Besides, you had better keep your sleep in fixed hours or your biological clock might not work well.

Smoothies that are good for sleep
There are always other ways that can help to get you back to sleep easier and one of the most effective ways is to eat right. Fortunately, foods that can help you to deal with the problems of sleep are quite available such as: dates, figs, cashews and chamomile tea. The recommendation for you is to eat them on a regular basis so that you will find satisfied result. On the other ways, you can make them tasty smoothies to drink during hot summer days.

1. Green Smoothies
One of the easiest and most common smoothies you can find around you is green smoothies. They can offer people with high amount of omega-3 and essential vitamins that help you to boost your sleep.
Another trick you can apply is to add freezer-pop mold so that it can be more yummy.

How to prepare:
  • You will need to prepare all the fruits such as bananas, apply kale and orange in equal amount.
  • Have them mixed in the grinder.
  • Add half cup of milk into the mixture.
  • grind the mixture in few seconds then you will have tasty smoothies.
Note  to self: you can drink as soon as you finish this or right before you are about to sleep. This will help you to get better result.

2. Banana Smoothies
As the name says it all, you will definitely need a banana as the main ingredient for it is super effective in get you back to sleep. Besides, if you want to make it tastier, you can choose to add some more ingredients namely: milk, banana, cherries and nutmeg. And of course, you cannot opt honey out of the list of essential ingredient for because will help the smoothies to taste better.

You will need:
  • Half cup of warm milk
  • Ripe fresh banana
  • Few cups of cherries
  • One teaspoon Honey

As mentioned above, all you need is to mix them well together by grinder until you find the smooth consistency. You can drink this every day on a regular basis until you find satisfied result.

3. Lettuce and Banana Smoothies
There are anti-stress and anxiety-control in lettuce and banana that work well in promoting relaxation of the entire body. Thanks to these, they are what you need for your sleep for it can help promote relaxation of body. Besides, it works wonderfully in fighting against insomnia.

You might not know but consuming these smoothies can also help you to get rid of Geographic Tongue effectively and help stay away from smelling breath, especially when you wake up.

You will need:
  • Chamomile Flowers: one cup
  • Fresh Lettuce: 90 grams
  • Banana: one
  • Lemon: haft cup of lemon Juice
How to make it:
  • You will need to take out one cup of chamomile tea and leave it to cool down.
  • Crush all of the lettuce leaves all together to get the paste.
  • Mix them well into the blender.
  • After few secs, take them out and all you have is a tasty cup of banana smoothies.

4. Peach and Apple Juice:
You will need up to 3 peaches and at least one apple as main ingredients for this smoothies. After mix them well in the blender, you can add small amount of mint into this smoothies and have it right before you go to bed. 

5. Carrot and Spinach Smoothies
If you consume this mixture of smoothies, it helps you to have great source of antioxidants that works effectively to improve the quality of your sleep and you do not have to keep awake at night.

This article is written by Ashley Bennet, a co-owner of AuthorityRemedies. She has worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.
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