Favorable apps for the marketers- give them a try

In this era, mobile apps have entered into the marketing conversations also. A survey says that the app downloads from iOS and Google Play Store have crossed 260 billion. How these apps make sense is all that matters. The role of the marketer is dramatically changing over the years and the change is still continuing. Marketers have to cope up with the new strategies and their campaigns should attract the audience. The issue is that they have heavy competition. So, they have to create a unique place for them in the industry. Wherever they go they have to make sure that their voice is being heard by everyone over the place. The mobile apps help the entrepreneurs to focus on their work and help them to be unique.
The marketer may be Android, iOS, Windows user; apps will assist them in each step of their marketing journey. With just a few taps the users will get all the things they need. The marketers have to monitor how the people respond to their messages, what are the best-related practices. The right apps will guide the marketers in the right way and they will act as their best friend also.
The best marketing apps are as follows.
 Social media apps that helps in marketing
  • Hootsuite
This popular social media app was founded in 2008. Users can post, monitor, and measure their social media sites. This app provides the users the ability to access the other social media sites more conveniently. And it provides analytics to manage their account and increase their traffic. This app is available for the iOS and android users.
  • Buffer
Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer will also allow the users to manage and monitor their social media accounts. This app allows the user to schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Apps like Buffer will perform analytics on how the user’s posts perform. Users can set their own updating schedule for each account and they can create different buffering patterns for different times throughout the week to the end audience.
Android and iOS users can make use of this Buffer app.
  • Nimble
Nimble is one of the top rated CRM platforms on G2 round. The app was mainly created to help the professionals build better online relationships. Nimble allows the users to keep in track of the relationships and engage with them; this is done by unifying contact information. This helps the users to connect all the important connections and online conversations in one single location. It helps to simplify the digital communication.
This app is available for the iOS users.
RSS news reader apps
  • Feedly
It is a blog and RSS news reader. This site is a website aggregator, which helps the users to access their favorite or important information from all the blogs and sites in one single place. The app delivers all the tailored contents directly to the Tablet or Smartphone. From this technique, it allows the users to catch up with multiple websites both conveniently and quickly.
This app provides a variety of helpful features to the users; this includes a popular section at the top of all the feeds to ensure that some of the contents are not overlooked and also offers the custom sharing preference; this feature allows the users to send articles to the chosen recipient.
This app is freely available for the iOS and android users.
  • Official Facebook app
The official Facebook is at the top for a long period. This app is the most downloaded one on the iOS and Android. This app was aimed to provide the same Facebook experience on their mobile devices similar to the website. This Facebook helps the users to stay connected with their friends and other well-wishers and also helps to share the information with the colleagues and other professional people. For the people who are using Facebook as one of the main social media channels for their business, this app is the right one for them.
Users can share the content and other status updates with the other followers on the move.
This app is available for free for the android and iOS users.
Perfect Blogging apps
  • Word press
Word Press is the perfect blogging app for both the personal and professional use. With this simple and easy app, bloggers can update their blog via the Smartphone of Tablets. Bloggers can update and edit the posts and they can manage the users’ comments as well. Word Press app can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store.
  • Blogger
Blogger is one of the original and the best blogging tools. At present, it has fewer users. With this app, the blog can be updated from the Smartphone or Tablet. Users can update and edit their posts and they can manage the user comments also. In Blogger, updating the photos from the mobile devices is easy and the app’s location will allow the geographical tags to share the user’s location. Blogger is available for the Android and iOS users for the free of cost.
  • Official LinkedIn app
LinkedIn is the very best app for the professionals. The app helps the users to meet and connect with other professionals around the globe. Users can share the useful information related to their profession. They can make new friends with the people of the same profession. The marketers will have better reach among the people.
This app will help the users to expand their professional network. Marketers can meet different people and explain about their product and services so that the product will have a better reach.
Stay up to date with the LinkedIn networks and follow many influencers so that, the marketers will receive the regular insights and professional content and they can search for the fellow LinkedIn users, groups and companies. They can access their LinkedIn messages to the great level.
LinkedIn is the terrific platform for maintaining the professional relationships and for posting content. Marketers can post their recent work and can draw the people’s attention towards the company’s recent work and with this, they may have many users. The main idea of all the social networking sites is to expand the customer networks.
The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.
Digital development apps
  • Mashable
The app delivers the latest news on technology, mobile information, social networking, apps, and the general internet-based news. In this app, multiple tabs allow the user to look at the complete breakdown of channels. Users can search by category, author, tag or by other similar possible options.
  • Quora
Quora is the great platform and the reliable source of information for the marketers. Users can ask a question and a general public can answer it. There will be a wide variety of answers for the single question. The users can use these answers to decide something or come to a conclusion on a particular topic. The app invites all the users to cooperate each other by sharing their knowledge on the topic under discussion.
Users can download Quora on Android and iOS.
  • Quick Win
This app is useful for the digital marketers. This app provides answers to the top 100 digital marketing questions. Marketers can make use of these answers and they can use these solutions in their concepts.
All these apps will help the marketers achieve their goal in the best way possible. The ultimate aim of most of the marketers is to establish their products or their business among many people. Hope the above apps will help the marketers to fulfill their wish.
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Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.
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